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CES 2017 and our partnership with Galago Vision

January 16, 2017

The technology world is constantly changing. What was an idea last year, is a prototype today and what was a dream 20 years ago, is now a reality.. if not already outdated. Sure we haven't reached "The Jetsons" level of technology but we're so close it's amazing! Recently our team visited the world famous CES convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. The 50 year old electronics show is the biggest of it's kind and hosts booths from the biggest tech names to the smallest no name component manufacturer. With over 1,940,631 square feet of floor space at the LVCC, and multiple other hotel ballrooms and convention centers, the 2017 CES was the biggest ever. 

The LG, Samsung, and Sony booths were not only huge, but hosted some of the best new and emerging tech for the home and audio video world including a tv screen from LG as thin as a piece of glass that connects to your walls using magnets.. awesome! Another industry that really stood out was the automotive industry. Literally every car company had a booth showing of the latest tech from flexing touch screens and cameras for mirrors to the fully self driving autonomous vehicles and electric sports cars as fast as a Ferrari. The amount of new tech was breath taking and honestly we had a hard time taking it all in. 


What interested us at V&V the most was the emerging 360, VR, and AR technology. The advancements in the quality of glass and interactivity with the real world is not only mind blowing but very useful in real life situations. As the augmented reality world continues to improve we'll be able to have store displays and advertisements that are static until looked at through special glasses, or farther down the road, contact lenses. Think of going to a restaurant and when you look at the menu the pictures of the food literally jump out of the page! It's all on it's way and definitely something we'll start seeing in the real world soon. The 360 and VR space is steadily improving as well. Many companies are utilizing high res 360 video for training and education purposes. The gaming industry has latched onto 360 as well utilizing it for fully immersive gaming, movies, and live video. You Tube, Twitter, Periscope, and Facebook will all have 360 video compatibility by the end of 2017 so expect to see a lot more VR content available as the year continues.

Last but not least we're proud to announce our partnership with Scott Robinson of Galago Vision. Scott has been one of San Diego's leaders in the 360 and VR world since the technology emerged and we're thrilled to have him on board. Galago Vision's 360 Virtual Reality videos are the advanced digital package, connecting people, places & products. Enabling users to interact with an experience from miles away, Galago’s 360º live-action videos give the ultimate display – the closest thing to actually being there. With the addition of Scott to our team we'll be able to provide 360 and VR solutions to our clients including videos, VR tours, and much more. For more information on getting your own VR demo contact us at 

(Video below is 360 format and will not work on all browsers.. For best results use Google Chrome, or Safari) 


Thats it for now! HAVE A GREAT DAY!

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