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Teradek RT Single-Axis Wireless Lens Control Kit - Sale


Key Features
  • Latitude MDR-M Receiver
  • MK3.1 Brushless Lens Motor
  • CTRL.1 Wireless Lens Controller
  • 5 x Extra White Marking Disks
  • LP-E6 Battery with Charger
  • 19/15mm Rod Clamp with 1/4"-20 Mount
  • Motor, Controller, USB, and D-Tap Cables
  • Hard-Shell Case with Custom Foam
  • Controller Neck Strap Included

Wirelessly control your lens focus, iris, or zoom with this Teradek RT Single-Axis Wireless Lens Control Kit. The kit includes a CTRL.1 wireless lens controller, Latitude MDR-M wireless receiver, MK3.1 brushless lens motor, LP-E6 battery and charger, 19/15mm rod clamp, five extra white marking disks for the controller, a controller neck strap, as well as motor, controller, USB, and D-Tap cables. A hard-shell case is also included to carry it all.

Connect the 0.8 MOD lens gear motor to your lens and mount it on a 19 or 15mm rod system, then connect the wireless receiver to the motor using the included cables. The receiver can control up to two lens motors. The CTRL.1 controller can then connect and finely control either the focus, iris, or zoom from up to 5000' away. The controller is powered by the included LP-E6 battery, and it can also connect to the motor with the included controller cable for a wired setup. Read more below about the items included in this kit.

This receiver has one motor port, a Dual Motor cable (not included) is required to control two motors.

Teradek RT Latitude MDR-M Receiver (1-2 Axis)

The mini RT MDR-M Receiver (1-2 Axis) from Teradek is part of the Latitude lens control system operating via both RF (wireless) and WiFi. This receiver's 0.6-mile wireless range is handy for drone use and for when you're operating in harsh RF environments like stadiums. Expanding upon the camera run/stop function of the RT MK3.1, the MDR-M's WiFi connectivity provides camera control for RED DSMC2/DSMC cameras (with additional cameras to be added via a firmware update). This Latitude receiver is compatible with RT MK3.1 controllers and motors, driving up to two lens motors with functions such as focus, iris, and/or zoom (controller and motors available separately).

The MDR-M Receiver's integration with RED provides several options for DSMC2/DSMC lens and camera control. Use the RT MK3.1 wireless controller and RF wireless to control EF lenses via their internal motor; PL lenses can be controlled with the addition of RT Motors. Both the MK3.1 controller and the RT Smartknob can provide shutter, ISO, and button-feature control. RT Thumbwheels can provide focus and iris control, and the Foolcontrol app can be used with a WiFi connection.

In Transmitter Mode, two MRR-M units can be paired to extend control up to 0.9 miles away from your camera using WiFi, RF wireless, and the RT Foolcontrol iOS/Android app. Use the Foolcontrol app to a create a versatile interface between the Latitude system and your camera, lens, and smartphone.

The RT MDR-M Receiver is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, and is designed with an integrated antenna, lessening the chance of antenna damage. Power this ultra-compact, lightweight receiver via its 7-17V 2-pin LEMO port.

This receiver has one motor port, a Dual Motor cable (not included) is required to control two motors.


  • Drives up to two motors for focus, iris, or zoom functions
  • Compatible with RT MK3.1 controllers and motors
  • RF (wireless) and WiFi control
  • Run/stop support for most cine-style HD cameras
  • Camera control for RED DSMC2/DSMC cameras
  • Supports RT Smartknob and Thumbwheel control
  • Compact, lightweight aluminum alloy unit
  • Internal antenna lessens chance of damage
  • Power via 2-pin LEMO 7-17V input.

Controller Support

RT MK3.1 controller
RT Thumbwheel
RT Smartknob

Run/Stop Support

Including but not limited to:
Canon C100, C300 (MkII+), C500
Panasonic Varicam
Sony F5, F55, FS7 (MkII+)

Camera Control Support

  • RED DSMC2, RED DSMC control:
  • EF/AF Focus/Iris
  • Shutter
  • ISO
  • Button features: 2x Magnification, Edge, Focus Assist

Teradek RT MK3.1 Brushless Lens Motor

Teradek's RT MK3.1 Brushless Lens Motor is designed to remotely control your lens focus, iris, or zoom, or other function. The MK3.1 motor operates smoothly and quietly, even during slow, high-torque moves. This brushless motor features electronic backlash-compensation, a high-resolution encoder, and an integrated heat sink. For optimal flexibility, a gear can be attached to either side of the MK3.1 Motor, expanding position choice to either side of the lens, depending on your camera configuration.

For maximum mounting flexibility, the MK3.1 Motor includes a height-adjustable 19mm rod bracket with a 15mm insert adapter. A 0.8 mod lens gear is included with the motor; gears are available separately in 0.4/0.5/0.6 mod, and 0.8 mod wide options. Thin, flexible 3mm cables (available separately) save space, and enable close arrangements of your motor(s) on your camera rig.


  • Remotely control your lens focus, iris, or zoom, or other function
  • Long-lasting brushless vector drive
  • Includes a 0.8 mod lens gear
  • Gear can be positioned on either side of the motor
  • Height-adjustable 19mm rod bracket with a 15mm insert adapter
  • Electronic backlash-compensation accommodates a wide range of lens torque
  • Uses strong, thin, 3mm cables for easy positioning on your camera rig

Teradek RT CTRL.1 Single-Axis Wireless Lens Controller

For precise lens control with your Teradek RT motors and receivers, the Teradek RT CTRL.1 Single-Axis Wireless Lens Controller can control focus, iris, or zoom with ease. The CTRL.1 has a wireless range of 5000' so you can control your lens functions when up on a crane or down the block, or you can use an optional 5-pin motor controller cable to connect directly to a motor.

The large focus knob, start/stop control button, bright OLED display for configuration and lens data, and its lightweight design make the CTRL.1 accessible and easy to use. You can also control multiple motor units on the same lens simultaneously with the CTRL.1.

It's powered by a single LP-E6 battery which provides approximately 36 hours of usage time. Optional features include a lens mapping firmware update to utilize separately available, pre-marked focus or iris rings for quick autocalibration when switching lenses during a shoot. The CTRL.1 comes with a neck strap, a mini-USB firmware cable, and a large hard-shell case with custom foam insert to transport your controller and cables.

Teradek RT Controller Neck Strap

This RT Controller Neck Strap from Teradek is designed to carry the MK3.1 controller hand unit. Use this strap to position the control unit around your neck or across your body, or to drape the controller from a stand when not in use.

Teradek LP-E6 Compatible 7.4V/2000mAh Battery Charger with US Plug

The Paralinx Battery Charger from Teradek is designed for charging the LP-E6 compatible 7.4V/2000mAh battery pack for the Paralinx Triton transmitter unit.

Teradek RT Receiver 19/15mm Rod Clamp with 1/4"-20 Mount

The RT Receiver Rod Clamp from Teradek is used to securely mount an RT receiver to a single 19mm or 15mm rod. Mount the Receiver Rod Clamp directly to the 1/4"-20 thread on an MDR-M or MK3.1 Receiver, or to the 1/4"-20 thread on the mounting bracket for the MDR-MB unit. This compact, double bracket's 1/4"-20 thumbscrew fastens to a 19mm rod on one flank, or to a 15mm rod on the other.

Teradek RT Latitude MDR Receiver D-Tap Power Cable (15.7", RA to Straight)

This 15.7" RT MDR Power Cable from Teradek connects power to the Latitude MDR receiver from a battery with a D-Tap output port. This cable is designed with a right-angled, 4-pin Hirose connector on one end, and a straight, D-Tap connector on the other.

Teradek RT Latitude MDR Motor Cable (12", RA to RA)

Use this 12" RT Latitude MDR Motor Cable from Teradek to connect the MDR lens motor to a Latitude MDR or MK3.1 receiver. Design features include thin, ultra-flexible cable, and two right-angle connectors. This cable is designed to exit the motor in a vertical position, creating a neat, compact route to the Latitude MDR receiver (however, the angle points downwards from the MK3.1 receiver).

Teradek RT Wired-Mode Controller Cable (6.6')

Use this 6.6' RT Wired-Mode Controller Cable from Teradek to connect an RT controller to an RT receiver in settings like hospitals where wireless use is not practical, or not permitted. This cable is compatible with the MK3.1 Controller, MK3.1 Receiver, all Latitude MDR models, Smartknob, other RT controllers, and supported OMOD controls.

Design features include two LEMO connectors, both straight-angled. One of three lengths available, this RT Wired-Mode cable enables you to work up to 6.6' away from your camera rig.

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