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Our repair engineers have over 50+ total years of experience fixing all types of Audio and video products. From cameras, projectors, lighting, audio, and any other AV components we are here to get you back up and running. There is no item to small or large that we cant handle. Just bring it on by to our experts and will take care of the rest!

Types of Equipment

Cameras, Projectors, Audio components, Electronic Musical instruments, Speakers, Microphones, AV systems, Broadcast Systems, wireless systems, Audio Mixers, Video Mixers, Screens, Theatres, Commercial, Residential, and Professional Ssyetms.


Schedule an Appointment

Do you have a system that needs to be repaired or are you unable to bring it in? Give us a call or contact us below with your details. Service calls start at $95.00 an hour and are quoted out after that. Our service engineer are licensed and insured for all repair and contracted jobs. 


Drop off

Bring in your equipment today that needs repairing. All repairs are given a minimum 2 hour thourough inspection, detailing and repair work. Repairs start at $75.00 for a Diagnosis and Deposit Fee. If the item is found to be unrepairable we will refund the enitre amount.