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Demo/ Open Box RED Digital Cinema RED TOUCH 7.0" LCD

RED Digital Cinema


The RED® Touch 7.0" LCD delivers the ultimate high-definition viewing experience for recording and reviewing R3D footage. The 1920 × 1136 resolution display panel provides improved color accuracy, high pixel density (at 323 ppi), 1000:1 contrast, and is bright enough for operation in high ambient light. A robust, optically-bonded touchscreen offers the most intuitive method for navigating menus and adjusting camera parameters.

The lightweight display mounts to the DSMC® BRAIN® or other tactical component using standard 1/4-20 mounting points. Featuring a near 360° rotation and lay-flat hinge design, as well as a 180° image rotation option, the RED Touch 7.0” LCD is the most ergonomic display available for your RED EPIC® and SCARLET® DSMC. It is also compatible with DSMC2™ cameras including WEAPON®, SCARLET-W, andRED RAVEN™ using the DSMC2 LEMO Adaptor B.



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