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ikan Mylo MB4 Mini Bi-Color Portable Field LED Light

  • Ikan’s MYLO Mini MB4 LED Light offers a wide variety of lighting options within a compact package for cinematographers. The high 95+ CRI LED’s provide high color fidelity with a consistent brightness from/between 10-100%! The 50-degree beam angle makes it easy to light a large area with just one fixture. The MYLO MB4 Bi-Color LED light is equivalent to a 300watt incandescent light. Durability and versatility are key features of this impressive LED light.  An AC power supply is included. On the back, the large yellow button/knob allows you to adjust the light’s brightness or color temperature with a few simple clicks.  The LED readout also provides very precise measurements.

    The MYLO MB4 Bi-Color 3200K- 5600K LED light is ready for any production.

  • 95+ CRI LEDs
  • Bi-Color adjustable from 3200K-5600K
  • Beam Angle of 50 degrees
  • Single knob control for adjusting color, brightness
  • New LED readout screen giving you precise adjustments.
  • Battery powered with Sony "L" series style batteries
  • Watts equivalent to 300 watts incandescent light.