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Matthews Infinity Arm Kit


Supporting up to 32 lb, the Matthews Infinity Arm is a super-strength, modular cine arm that may highly simplify your on-set workflow. Supporting nine different accessory tips via secure ball sockets on both ends, it's designed to serve you well across the gamut of grip applications, such as mounting cameras, lights, and monitors underslung from C-stands, booms, or speed rails. Two 1/4"-20 male accessory tips are included, and a hard carrying case is also supplied which will store the arm and additional tips, providing for room for growth.

The Infinity Arm is made of two identical sections and measures 9" from end to end without tips. Its strength is the result of superior materials of construction and machining process. It's built out of steel and aircraft grade aluminum, and features a 60-section radial rosette in the center that was machined with a focus on getting a good grip at every section. The Infinity Arm will reliably hold 15 lb when in a fully horizontal position, which is naturally the least strong position, and up to 32 lb when you start adjusting it to more angled positions, with a 90° angle being its strongest configuration.

The rosette mechanism is adjustable by loosening/tightening a large knurled, easy-to-handle hand-dial on the side. The supported accessory tips are fully 360° rotatable. On top of everything, the Infinity Arm has a nice appearance, and is neither overdone nor underdone in its aesthetic design, and is finished with military grade black anodize and proprietary electroless nickel phosphorus. Also, although designed with a focus on grip applications, it can of course as well be used for standard camera-mount and rig-mount uses.

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