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MOTU M4 4x4 USB Type-C Audio Interface for Recording, Mixing, and Podcasting


Key Features
  • High-Performance 32-Bit / 192 kHz AD/DA
  • Record, Mix, Process, and Monitor Audio
  • 2 XLR-1/4" Mic/Line/Instrument Inputs
  • Virtual Loopback for Mix-Minus Setup

If you want a professional-quality audio interface at a wallet-friendly price, consider the MOTU M4, a USB Type-C device designed for recording, mixing, podcasting, and more. Offering loopback connections that allow podcasters to record skype calls with absoutely no fuss, the M4 can feed audio to both computers and iOS devices, thanks to its USB Type-C connection. 

With two XLR-1/4" inputs, the M4 can handle microphones, line-level instruments, or Hi-Z instruments such as guitars and basses. Selectable phantom power is on hand for condenser mics, and the preamps are exceedingly clean with an EIN of -129 dB; this ensures you only hear the instrument or voice being captured, rather than any noise from the preamp. Whether you need a clear-sounding vocal for a podcast or a transparently recorded guitar for a mix, the M4 will deliver the goods.

The M4 has digital loopback channels, so you can route audio from your computer directly into your recording software. What does this mean? If you're recording podcasts, you can record guests from Skype or any other VoIP software without incurring horrible feedback or other audio issues; it all works seamlessly.

Do you like to mix with harware compressors, equalizers, or other pieces of outboard gear? If so, the M4 has you covered with line outputs over RCA or 1/4" connections and balanced 1/4" line inputs on the rear panel. With the M4, you can run audio through your favorite hardware pieces, and record it straight to the interface, making the unit adept at handling hybrid mixing setups. 

The M4 is equally suitable for producers, thanks to its MIDI I/O. You can use your favorite MIDI controller with the M4 and free up a USB port on your computer in the process. Or, you can run MIDI from the M4 to your favorite hardware synth, capturing the glorious tones of your favorite compatible hardware synth through the M4's analog pres.

In this way, the M4 is all about providing the budding content creator options, no matter the discipline. The M4 puts everything from podcasting to music production within your grasp.