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Quasar Crossfade Bundles (Special Order)

Quasar Science


**special order items ship directly from Quasar Science and can either be picked up in-store at Voice & Video or drop-shipped to the address of your choosing**

During the month of July, we are going to be offering screaming deals on Crossfade Bundles with QuasarPlates and Multi-Bank AC Power Adapters!

Crossfades + QuasarPlates create powerful arrays of tunable light at an extremely affordable price, providing you a turnkey solution for any scenario.

Double and Quad Plates coupled with the Power-2 or Power-4 Multi-Bank Power Adapters give users a platform for stacking Crossfades, adding another dimension to their lighting kit.

Each bundle also includes single power adaptors for using the lights individually which gives you more versatility and creative freedom.

  • Use a single light or combine for a punchy array
  • Versatile, professional, and low profile setup
  • Massive savings versus buying a la carte

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