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RED Digital Cinema +1 Adaptor Module w/ Quickplate Pack

The +1 Adaptor Module w/ Quickplate Pack mounts on the rear of your EPIC or SCARLET camera BRAIN, providing support for long-term RED BRICK power and an additional RED display or EVF. The +1 Adaptor Module w/ Quickplate Pack is the ideal solution for on-board RED BRICK power and multiple viewing options.

This collection enables you to mount your RED BRICK onto the back of your camera BRAIN and plug in AC power to keep the camera rolling when swapping batteries. The Quickplate Module features two industry standard 2-Pin 0B LEMO AUX ports for powering external camera accessories. The +1 Adaptor Module features an EVF/LCD port that supports an additional RED viewing option. In addition, it also supports a 4-pin 0B LEMO connector to power additional camera accessories.

NOTE: This product does not require the use of a LEMO cable or BACKPACK BASE PLATE.

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