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RED Digital Cinema DSMC Nikon Mount (Battle-Tested)

The DSMC® Nikon Mount (Battle-Tested) enables you to equip a wide variety of Nikkor AF-S and AF-D compatible lenses to your DSMC or DSMC2™ BRAIN. Available in lightweight machined aluminum or robust titanium, the DSMC Nikon Mount offers modularity and convenience, while supporting autofocus and electronic iris control with compatible lenses.

The mount attaches easily to the front of your camera BRAIN and uses a dual-ring lock system to secure Nikkor AF-S and AF-D lenses.

• Autofocus support available for select AF-S lenses
• Electronic iris control available for select AF-S and AF-D compatible lenses
• Touch focus enabled for select lenses
• No backfocus adjustments necessary when switching mounts
• Lightweight machined aluminum or robust titanium options

All Battle-Tested items have gone through extensive quality testing to ensure customer satisfaction.

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