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RED Digital Cinema REDVOLT XL Power Pack

The REDVOLT XL Power Pack includes four REDVOLT XL batteries (with cases), a REDVOLT XL Module, and an DSMC AC Power Adaptor, providing a ready-to-use REDVOLT XL system for powering your EPIC or SCARLET® camera.

The REDVOLT XL Module is a flexible and robust power solution for your DSMC BRAIN. Engineered with a reversible Switch Plate, the REDVOLT XL Module can be mounted directly to the camera or to another attached module—providing support for long-lasting and rechargeable lithium-ion REDVOLT XL batteries. Batteries can also be hot-swapped, as long as power is provided from a REDVOLT-equipped DSMC Side Handle or an AC Power Adaptor (DSMC) is connected to the DC IN port on the BRAIN. The on-board 2-pin 0B AUX port provides a convenient 3.8 A power source for additional camera accessories.

The included protective baseplate enables the REDVOLT XL Module to serve as a portable and stand-aloneREDVOLT XL battery charger. Plug in the AC Power Adaptor (DSMC) to the 6-pin 1B LEMO CHARGE IN connector on the module and connect a REDVOLT XL battery. The REDVOLT XL Module fully charges an attached REDVOLT XL in approximately four hours. While the module is mounted to the BRAIN, it will only charge an attached REDVOLT XL battery if the camera BRAIN is powered off.

This package is great for shooters who want lightweight, compact, and hot-swappable power that lasts longer than traditional REDVOLT batteries

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