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Rental Modern Studio 8'x8' Breakdown Frame


To rent, give us a call or email rentals@voiceandvideosales.com

This item presents a higher than usual potential for damage or injury. For 8'x'8 Frames, Voice & Video recommends a minimum of 200lbs of weight (8x 25lb Sandbags, 4x per stand) in 0-10mph winds along with at least one crew member standing by in order to prevent frames from tipping or falling. Outdoors with higher wind conditions may require significantly more weight as well as tie-downs. If you're unfamiliar with the proper setup and use of frames, you should consider hiring an experienced crew member or finding an alternative solution, such as shooting in existing shade, during more ideal conditions, or moving your production indoors.
Voice & Video is not responsible for any damage or injury caused by the improper use of any of our equipment.

Modern's 8' x 8' breakdown frame comes complete with:

  • (4) 4' lengths of 1" Square Aluminum
  • (4) 4' lengths of 1" Square Aluminum with Male Pin
  • (4) Corners
  • (2) Sliding Ears
  • (2) Sleeves

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