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Rhino Camera Gear RŌV Mobile Everyday Slider for Smartphones (8")


The Rhino RŌV Mobile Everyday Slider for Smartphones is a motorized slider that is compatible with most smartphones and features a sliding range of 8". It is controlled with a downloadable app via Bluetooth from your phone and allows you to take cinematic slider shots with your phone. The app allows you to set the motor speed and choose your mode, which includes time-lapse and looping. The built-in battery provides power for up to 24 hours. The included clip-on variable ND filter goes on your smartphone and provides additional exposure control.

  • The motor has three speed settings—0.18"/sec, 0.3"/sec, and 0.47"/sec—that can be set in the app
  • The downloadable app permits controlling the slider as well as your smartphone

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