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Rhino Time Lapse Slider Bundle


Includes 42" EVO Carbon slider, Rhino Motion, Rhino Arc and a 42" carrying case.

The Time Lapse Slider Bundle is built for capturing beautiful time lapses. The ultralight 42" rails are easy to pack in to your location and once paired with Rhino Motion, setting up your move takes less than a minute. Rhino Arc adds a new dynamic to your shots with motorized panning. Setup an arcing or sweeping move to reveal more of your story

Use Advanced Time Lapse to automatically pause your camera while exposing a shot so you don't get any motion blur. The built in battery will last for an entire time lapse but if you need more power just bring along a spare 12V battery for extra power. The 42" Carrying Case protects your slider as you travel to your location and even stores your slider with Rhino Motion attached.

Note: We recommend supporting the EVO Carbon 42" with two tripods, however you can use a single one if your tripod is strong enough. When using two tripods we attach a magic arm to the center plate of the slider and strap the Tripod Dock to the magic arm to dock our controller on center. This allows your shutter release cable to reach from end to end during your move.