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Vaxis Atom 500 Wireless HDMI Video Transmitter kit



Vaxis Atom 500 Wireless HDMI Video Transmission System 1080P 300 Feet 5G Image Transmitter and Receiver Kit for DSLR Camera Gimbal Stabilizer

* Up to 500′ Line-of-Sight Range
* 5Ghz frequency band * Low delay 1080P
* Able to view via iPhone and iPad
* 1 x Transmitter & 1 x Receiver
* Transmitter: HDMI Input & HDMI Loop-Out
* Transmits: 480P @60HZ, 576P @50HZ, 720P @50/60HZ 1080i @50/60HZ 1080p60 @30/50/60 Hz
* Receiver: 2 x HDMI Inputs
* Integrated L-Series Battery Plates
* Type-C USB 5V power supply
* Metal Housing with 1/4″-20 Threads
* Receiving Sensitivity -80db
* Upgrade via Type-C USB Por
* Small and lightweight
* Protective design with antennas build In

Flexible Monitoring

Cellphone + iPad +Monitor multiple monitoring-end ATOM 500 offers a plethora of ways to monitor your image.The ATOM 500 offers traditional connection through HDMI as well as a connection through the ATOM App to monitor via your iPad or tablet.

USB-C Power

ATOM 500 takes power to the next level with the introduction of a USB-C type connector.In addition to upgrading firmware through its USB-C connector,the ATOM 500 can also be powered by any USB-C style power bank,giving users more flexibility with power.

Robust Connection

Through extensive stress tests,the antennas on the ATOM 500has been optimized to be nearly fail proof.The ATOM 500's antenna features a built-in design on (insert tyoe of material for the body here). This built in antenna will greatly reduce signal loss even in vomplicated shooting environments.You can trust the ATOM will work anywhere.

OLED Display

ATOM 500 features a brand new,beautifully designed OLED display that provides users with quick view for easy configuration.

H.265 Encoding

ATOM 500 supports H.265 encoding to offer better image quality with less bandwidth.